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The total weight of the chair is only 7 kg Which makes the process of carrying and transporting it and storing it done very easily as the chair is able to carry a weight of up to 100 kilos despite its light weight and is called a plane chair for the ability to take him on a plane in the case of t..
Ex Tax:₪450
Chrome steel frame Half folding backrestflip back armrestDetachable legrest FRONT Castor  200*50 pu  ..
Ex Tax:₪3,800
- Aluminium wheelchair- Half folding backrest- Auto-lock united break- Fixed armrest- Fixed legrest- Front 8 pvc castor- Rear 24 spoke wheel..
Ex Tax:₪600
chrome plated steel framefixed armrest fixed legrestPVC 8 Front castor24 solid spoke wheel   ..
Ex Tax:₪260
The total weight of the chair is 23 kilos, which makes the process of carrying, transporting and storing it done easily. The chair is also able to carry a weight of more than 125 kilos. Wonderful materials, anti-rust, and also comes anti-dirty due to our use of insulating materials. The chair is als..
Ex Tax:₪700
Aluminium chairReclining high backDouble cross bar Detachable armrestDetachable elevating legrestfront 8" PVC castor24 rear spoke wheel ..
Ex Tax:₪650
Aluminium frame Half folding backrestflip back amrestDetachable legrestfront 200*50 pu castor..
Ex Tax:₪3,200
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